Smooth and Straight Hairstyles

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Smooth and Straight Hairstyles : Do you have straight hair and want to make some changes in your hairstyle and appearance then there are plenty of options for you. Straight hair does not mean that you need to keep them flat and lifeless. Straight hairstyle can look awesome, If they are styled in the right way. You will need to select the right haircut for your straight. Also, you will need to give enough attention and take care of your hair.

Straight hairstyles are so versatile that there are so many styling techniques and hairstyles for you to choose from. If you want to use your straight hair to the fullest then it is the time to give them a makeover. Hairstyle’s trend keeps changing from season to season. So, It is very important for a style conscious person to keep himself updated about the latest happenings of the glamour world and adapt the things.

In this article, we will share some of the most popular and recognized Smooth and Straight Hairstyles for pretty girls out there. These hairstyles will not only make people turn their heads but will also give you a new stylish look, better than before.

1.) The Simple Pony up

The simple pony up

Ponytail is definitely the one of the best looks for smoothened straight hair. It is not only stylish but it is also very easy to manage. To achieve this look, you need to catch your hair into a pony but remember to leave the longer locks on the front free(Do not add them in the pony). After you have done the pony, pull the longer locks at the back towards your pony.

2.) The Looped Low Bun

The Looped Low Bun

Are you tired of your everyday pony then this is the solution of your problem. You can get this look very easily. It is one of those looks which is going to be liked by many working women. You can get this look by gathering the front locks of your straight and smooth hair. You can check the picture of the instructions.

3.) The Uber Trends

The Uber Trends

It is one of the modern time hairstyle. In this hairstyle, one side of the head is properly shaved while the other is left with the luscious locks. If you do not want to shave your hair then you can do that too. Always be creative with your hairstyle.

4.) Using Accessories

Using Accessories

There are many different hair accessories that you can use for your hair to get a unique look in the crowd. These accessories can give you a different and awesome look. To get the perfect look, You will need to add the right accessory else you can destroy your look.

5.) The Wrapped Bun

The Wrapped Bun

Buns are loved by all women because Buns are very easy to style. This bun is also one of the variation of traditional buns that can be used anywhere and by anyone. If you want to achieve this look then you will need to leave a good amount of frontal locks free and you will need to gather the rest of your straight hair at the back. After that, you will need to tie your hair in a soft pony. Once tied, You will need to use the looping method that will help you in creating a low bun. Once the all aforementioned steps are completed you will need to take the lock from the left and wrap it to the right side and then just pin it.

6.) The Under Tuck

The Under Tuck

Under tuck is one of the best hairstyle for women with straight hair. But the only minus point of this hairstyle is that it is not that easy to get but still you can give it a try. While tucking your hair use a head band at the initial stages. A head band is very useful for tucking your hair. It is one of the less popular yet most stylish hairstyle.

7.) The Side Braids

The Side Braids

In this hairstyle one side of the hair is braided while the other lock is left free. It is a look that can be achieved for straight hair. It is one of those funky hairstyles that are currently cited as trendy. One of the best quality of this hairstyle is that you wear it at a party or at a meeting.

8.) The Back Roll

The Back Roll

A back roll for straight hair is a nice hairstyle. It can be achieved easily by tying up your hair into a lose pony and then you will need to take a loose strand of your hair and wrap it round and round. You will need to use a clip at back to lock the roll.

9.) Go For Layers

Go For Layers

Layers are awesome for straight hair, Also it is the best for adding volume to your thin and fine hair. Layers will not only add volume to your hair but will also add style to your look, which will make you look different among the crowd.

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