Mohawk with undercut or fade

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Mohawk with undercut or fade : Mohawk is one of the most popular hairstyle from a very long time. But with the change in time there are some variations it has adopted. One of the adaptation is combining Mohawk with fade or undercut. Mohawk with fade has garnered tremendous following among youth in recent years for its awesome look.

In Fade haircut the sides and the back of the head are trimmed in such a way where the length of hair gradually decreases while going down. Thus, fade shifts all the attention to the Mohawk. But in undercut the length of hair doesn’t decrease gradually while going down rather it witnesses a sudden shave on the head.

Both Mohawk with fade and Mohawk with undercut are great looks for stylish youths. Mohawk is highly popular and these fade and undercut just outlines its features by giving it more bold and clear look. You must combine Mohawk with fade or undercut for a sharper look.

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