Modern Haircuts for Men

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Modern Haircuts for Men : A good haircut is very important in the modern time. We have already told you the importance of good haircuts in our previous articles. In this article, We will talk about some of the best modern haircuts for men. So, If you are tired of your old haircut and looking for a complete makeover. Then, you can give one of these modern haircuts a try.

1. Messy Pomp

messy pomp

The pomp fade is a new hairstyle when compared with others. It has been one of the trending hairstyles of modern times. It is a version of original, This version is a bit more trendy and cool. In this haircut sides and back of the head is trimmed as shown in image while the hair on top are kept in a messy way. When you go for this or any other messy look just remember your messy hair should look natural. Use right products to achieve the perfect look.

2. Double Surgical Part

Double Surgical Part

In this modern hair style for men we have added a second part in fade cut. Which is giving the look a brand new ravishing look. You can this look a try if you are looking for something totally unique and modern.

3. Choppy Crop

Choppy Crop

This hairstyle is becoming first choice among youths. In this hairstyle unexpected angles are achieved in choppy cuts with a different texture. While, the hairstyle looks sharp when blonde bangs and dark roots are kept separated.

4. Wide Mohawk + V-Shaped Neck

Wide Mohawk + V-Shaped Neck

This is a mohawk-inspired hairstyle. In this hairstyle a wide strip of hair goes from the forehead to the neckline which is balanced with messy hair on top. It is one of the funkiest hairstyle in the list.

5. Blue Crop + Hair Design

Blue Crop + Hair Design

This hairstyle is nothing less than an art. It is one of the trendiest hairstyle with choppy sections. It comes with many possibilities to style your hair.

6. Curved Fade + Texture

Curved Fade + Texture

This hairstyle is a bit different from normal fades. In this hairstyle, The sides of the hair are not usual as other skin fades. It looks great on guys with thick hair. It is one of the coolest hairstyle with an arced line.

7. High and Tight + Shaved Lines

High and Tight + Shaved Lines

If you love short hair then this hairstyle can be for you. There is one extra benefit of this hairstyle as you will get extra design which will make you look different. It is modern yet unique hair style for short hair.

8. Asymmetrical Comb over + Hard Part

Asymmetrical Comb over + Hard Part

If you are looking for modern hairstyle then you can give this a try. It is fresh hairstyle with comb over, which also has a shaved part. It is a clean look and gives you a sharp look.

9. Hard Fade + V-Cut

Hard Fade + V-Cut

In this haircut a line is created diagonally to give a V-shaped neckline look. It is a bit different from the regular skin fade, instead it has hard fade which gives you unique look. It is definitely a modern look.

10. Curly Hair + Disconnection

Curly Hair + Disconnection

If you have curly hair then you can go for this look. On the top of the head you have curly hair which are neither too short nor too long. At the sides, A short skin fade is given. Curly hair never looked so awesome.

11. Rounded Flat Top + Surgical Line

Rounded Flat Top + Surgical Line

Flat tops were very popular among men some decades ago but soon those hairstyles faded. But this haircut is making way for flat tops once again. It is a modern version of the classic flat top look as it features a sharp and clean look.

12. Flat Top + Steps

Flat Top + Steps

Flat top already looks awesome and when it is done this way then there is no comparison. A tri-level flat top definitely deserves a try for all the modern haircut enthusiasts out there.

13. Modern Emo Style

Modern Emo Style

Emo styles have been loved by boys all over the world since a long time. Now, with time the hairstyle has also evolved and became modern and trendy at the same time. This modern hairstyle features a multi-directional combing, which will look good on most of the people out there.

14. Platinum + Fringe + Texture

Platinum + Fringe + Texture

In this hairstyle, Long fringe is combed to the forefront of the and then it is swept over to one side. While the bold color as shown in image draws more attention to the look. It is trendy yet stylish look.

15. Braided Pomp

Braided Pomp

It is slightly a different look with braided pomp and braided sides. It can become your favorite hairstyle if you like to keep long hair.

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