Mens hairstyle for 2018

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Mens hairstyle is one of the most searched term on internet and there is a solid reason for that.Hair is one of the most important part of our body. We often use different methods to look good but don’t care to give enough attention to this part of our body. Even though we know that Our Hair plays a very vital role in our appearance. If you want to look good and improve your personality it is very necessary to have a good hairstyle.

There are plenty of haircuts available that you can choose from according to your personality , which will improve your overall appearance. But selecting a good haircut for yourself is a tedious task. There are many things you should keep in mind while choosing a haircut for yourself.

Hairstyles are constantly changing , previously we used to have the same haircut for all hair types but these days haircuts are done by checking many factors which include hair type , face type and many others.

In this article we’ll show you Mens hairstyle which you can select as per your hair type and improve your overall personality.

1.) Quiff


It is one of the most popular haircuts from many years. It is very easy to do and also it doesn’t take much time. In this hairstyle there is extra length of hair on the top with short faded sides.

To get quiff, you will need a blow dryer and some wax. To get the desired look, first you’ll need to apply wax on your hair and then brush your back and blow dry them simultaneously.

2.) Pompadour


It is quite similar to quiff, it too has short sides and long hair. It has garnered immense popularity among hairstylist for being rich in style. To get the pompadour, you’ll need a strong hair wax, a blow dryer, and a comb. First apply the wax evenly on hair , then comb all your hair back slowly (Do not comb back completely but only to get a bounce). After that you will get the basic shape of your Pompadour, keep blow drying until the shape is permanent.

3.) Crew cut

Crew cut

Crew cut is one hell of a stylish hairstyle, which is known for its military look. It might not be suitable for all face shapes but it can be altered according to your face shape.

4.) Ivy league

Ivy league

The ivy league haircut is a bit similar to crew cut. But in Ivy league hair cut there are enough hair are left on the head so that they can be parted. It is suitable for men with strong cheekbones. It will give you a great appearance.

5.) Mohawk and Fohawk

Mohawk and Fohawk

Both of the hairstyles are different from one another. These hairstyles have been favorite of stylist since a very long time and it is expected that the scenario is going to remain same. We can call Mohawk the traditional version of Fohawk . Mohawk was too funky , but modern stylish have made slight changes in it and created Fohawk which is currently one of the most desired hairstyle among men.

Both Mohawk and fohawk require transitions between long hair on the top with shaved or faded sides.

6.) Comb Over


Comb over hairstyle has been favourite of many since a very long time. It is a great mix of modern and classic hairstyle. It is very easy to get and it has many variations which will give you great look. This hairstyle has something to offer to everyone.

7) Slick Back

Slick Back

Slick back is a classic yet stylish hairstyle that looks great on most of the guys. It has remained on the top for many decades among style lovers. The main reason for its popularity is that it can be pulled off very easily. To get this Mens hairstyle you’ll need some wax/gel , fade on the sides and a comb. Just use the comb to slick back your hair.

8) Angular Fringe

Angular Fringe

This look was first observed in ramp walks and after that it was decided that it will rule the men’s hairstyle. It is done with tapered sides, but in this top layer is kept long and cut at a definite angle. It has a sharp look , This will look good on most of the face shapes.

Here we brought 8 different and unique hairstyles for you to improve your personality, you can choose any hairstyle according to your face and start appearing more handsome than ever.

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