How to grow your hair long

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How to grow your hair long : Longer hairstyles are here for men since a very long time. Long hair doesn’t mean you need to grow your hair too long but long hair can vary in length. Long hair can go from chin to shoulder and sometimes even beyond shoulder length. Recently, We have witnessed some of the nice, stylish and attractive hairstyles for long hair. Which were so good that people now want to grow their hair long. Though, It’s easy to decide and grow your grow hair long but you need to be patient while doing so, as the process takes time.

You might have seen different people suggesting different things for growing your hair longer but the things that help you in growing your hair is a healthy diet and lifestyle with some extra care to your hair. There are many products that will promise you to give longer hair but on the work front they all are just useless. Hair grow slowly and that thing can not be changed. So, you need to wait while growing your hair.

Step 1.) Keep Visiting Your Barber

How to grow your hair long

When you grow your hair longer then it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to visit a barber. In fact, It becomes very important to visit the barber. If you want to keep looking good while, being in the process of growing your hair then regularly give your barber a visit. You should get your hair trimmed in every 2-3 months.

Growing your hair is a time consuming process and while doing so, you will never want to look bad. If you want to look good then only your barber can help you. He will style your hair even when you are in the process of growing hair. He will style your hair according to your face shape, Which will make you look good and it is also the most important reason for visiting the barber.

Step 2.) Start Long on Top

How to grow your hair long

When you are trying to grow long hair then it is advisable to grow top hair first while keeping the sides and back hair short because the top hair takes longer than side and back hair. Now you might be thinking at what time you should start growing side and back hair. When your hair on top are about 4 inches long, You can start growing out your sides and back.

Step 3) Skip the Shampoo and use conditioner

It is said that hair grows about half an inch in a month. It might take, from months to years to reach the shoulder lengths, In this phase you will need to be patient.

Professionals often recommend skipping shampoo while growing your hair and they have a valid reason for that. You shampoo and regular condition your hair to keep them shinier and healthier but somehow it reduces the pace of hair growing and you will never want anything like that to happen. You can shampoo your once or twice a week if needed.

These are some of the basic steps to grow your hair long. Once you have grown your hair, use the right products to keep them the way you want. Long hair demands much attention when compared to shorter hair. It is advisable to give your hair all the required care and attention.

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