Best bridal hairstyles 2018

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Best bridal hairstyles 2018 : Wedding is one such occasion where not only the bride but every girl wants to look gorgeous and beautiful. But as we know that it is bride’s special day , Thus she must look better and beautiful than anyone present there.

There are many things involved in making a bride beautiful. We often talk about the dress or the makeup but we forget that hair plays equally important and significant role in enhancing someone’s appearance.

If you have a nice hairstyle then you are automatically going to turn heads and look good on your wedding day. To help you in this, we have brought some great bridal hairstyles for your special day. These hairstyles will suit you no matter what your face shape or hair type is. Below are some Best bridal hairstyles 2018

1.) Braid with sock bun

Braid with sock bun

This hairstyle will definitely look good on most of the brides out there. It is very simple to get yet looks too adorable. You just need to give some attention to the back portion of the hair. If you have long hair then you might not need any hair extension but if you have medium or short hair then you can add hair extension to add more volume to it.

2.) Criss-cross bun with flower

Criss-cross bun with flower

This hairstyle is perfect for the brides who want a simple yet very adorable look. This bun will make you look gorgeous . You can wear this hairstyle on most of the wedding dresses. Just make sure to use the same colored flowers as the dress.

3) Ringlet Bun

Ringlet Bun
This different and unique type of bun will give you a glamorous look. You can add some accessories in it to improve overall appearance. Ask your hair stylist to do this correctly.

4.) Twist tuck hair braid

Twist tuck hair braid

Whether you have medium-sized hair or long hair, This hairstyle will definitely suit you. This is not only for brides but can it can be used at any special occasion by anyone. It is comfortable yet stylish hairstyle for women. Twists in this hairstyle will make you feel better than ever. You can also use some flowers and accessories to enhance the look.

5.) Two sided open hairstyle

Two sided open hairstyle

Open hairstyle is often considered casual , no one would think that this can be a great wedding hairstyle too. In this hairstyle hair from the middle of head are brushed back, while the length is divided into two sections. Which gives it a unique and gorgeous look. This hairstyle is suitable to middle sized to long sized hairs.

6.) Open with puffs on top

Open with puffs on top

This hairstyle will definitely look awesome on girls with blonde hair. Girls who want open hairstyle with puffs on the top then, this hairstyle is definitely for them. It will give bride the beautiful look that she wants on her wedding day.

7.) The Ponytail

The Ponytail

It was never considered a wedding hairstyle until this time. It has become immensely popular because of variations it has. It gives brides a glamorous look. To get a polished look cover the elastic with strand of hair. use creativity to improve the overall look.

8.) Side bun

Side bun
Side buns are highly popular among masses, it has all the things that a bride needs in her wedding hairstyle. It is beautiful and simple at the same time. In this hairstyle, hair from the front are rolled in such a way that they reach one side of the head and from there the bun is made. You can use flowers or other accessories to improve the look.

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