20 Short and Stylish hairstyle for women

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20 Short and Stylish hairstyle for women : No matter if you are a girl or a boy, A good and stylish hairstyle is everyone’s dream. A stylish hairstyle is very important in present. It is the most noticeable part of a person. It will improve your look and make you look better than ever.

If you are well dressed but your hair are not matching your clothes standard then everything is ruined. To solve this, we are bringing some of the finest and most stylish hand-picked short hairstyles for you, that a girl can wear and look extremely stylish.Below are 20 Short and stylish hairstyle for women.

1.) Sleek A-line Cut

Sleek A-line Cut

A-line slices are just the same old thing for stylist. These have been in the list of stylist since a very long time, giving dead and dull hair of ladies an awesome appearance. Try to keep your hair straight to get the perfect look.

2.) Platinum and Pink

Platinum and Pink

This hairstyle will give you a look like a doll, A person with thin hair must give this look a try. If you have blonde hair then pinkish hue will give you a great look.

3.) Serious and to the Point

Serious and to the Point

In this style, Hair are delicately layered and helped to viably outline the face by your stylist. Another plus point of this hairstyle it that it doesn’t need much of attention and care.

4.) Short Beach Waves

Short Beach Waves

No matter if you have short or long hair , you can try this look and make your appearance felt at any place. Short beach waves are simply achievable with shorter lengths. Use your imagination and be creative for a better look.

5.) Glamour and Grey

Glamour and Grey

Silver hair, there was a time when this hairstyle was called “granny hair” . But with time it has become one of the most popular hairstyle among women. To get this style, you’ll need to fade your hair first, then tone it with a purple toner, which will remove yellowness, and after that color it a white, grey or light blonde hue.

6.) Shine to the Max

Shine to the Max

Shorter hair are comparatively better than long hair because they demand very less care and attention. And if you give some attention to your short hair then they will shine to the max.

7.) Angled Waves

Angled Waves

Angled haircut can be maintained easily. You might need to use the hair gel to get it perfectly. This will enhance your look.

8.) Shaded and Shaggy

Shaded and Shaggy

Place color on your choppy and shagged hair to give unique look to them. Use lighter hue for a distinct and fine look.

9) Short Bob with a Signature Curl

Short Bob with a Signature Curl

In this hairstyle, hair are straightened at the roots with a lift and a accent curl is also added to give unique look.

10.) Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

If you have light brown or similar colored hair then you can try this look. Natural hair are awesome but adding a bit of pink in them will increase your style.

11.) Angled Cut

Angled Cut

Simply give your choppy and short hair an asymmetrical cut. It will definitely improve your style.

12.) Perfect Pixie

Perfect Pixie

Pixie is new favorite among the girls who have thin hair. It looks good on any face shape. Try this for a simple look.

13.) Color Boost

Color Boost

A new color can add a glamorous look in your style. You can try this look with different hairstyles.

14.) Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

This hairstyle can be achieved with a short shaggy cut and aqua hue will improve your style.

15.) Deep and Dramatic Bangs

Deep and Dramatic Bangs

Short hairstyles are very dependent upon the bangs. In this hairstyle you will spike your back hair while the front will be swept to a side.

16.) Simple Beauty

Simple Beauty

Use this hairstyle if you want a simple look. This hairstyle has light layers and a elegant look.

17.) Short Cut for Ethnic Hair

Short Cut for Ethnic Hair

If you have short hair then you can easily pull off this look. It is very easy to do and looks great on most of the face shapes.

18.) Rebellious Side

Rebellious Side


Try this haircut for something new. In this haircut you will need to get undercut. It will give you a bold look.

19.) Fiery Glamour

Fiery Glamour

Add some vibrant colors to your hair and get this funky look. It is very easy to style.

20.) Tousled and Adorable

Tousled and Adorable

This hairstyle will give you a messier look. It will suit you, no matter what face shape you have.

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